Gravitee Event-native API Management Foundations

Learn the basics of Event-native API Management.

Online exam

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Estimated time to completion

< 45 minutes

Reward for passing

Gravitee-backed certificate



About the course

The Gravitee API Management foundations certificate program will test your knowledge around the basics of APIs and API Management. There is a certificate attached to passing the exam. Once passing the exam, you will be able to access your certificate.

Educational content

The ENAF certification program comes with an in-depth “Text book” to help anybody of any skill level learn the basics of Event-native API Management.

Prove your knowledge

The ENAF test is designed to test your knowledge and prove that you understand:
  • API fundamentals
  • API Management fundamentals
  • Event-native API Management fundamentals

Bolster your career

The certificate is your proof of knowing the fundamentals of APIs, API Management, and event-native API Management specifically. Download it, share it on LinkedIn, and show employers and co-workers that you are a step above the rest when it comes to event-native API Mangement.

Preparation options

To make sure you're ready to take your exam, we offer the following preparation options:
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