Gravitee Event-native API Management Professional

Become a Gravitee-backed, Event-native API Management professional.

Online exam

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Estimated time to completion

< 90 minutes

Reward for passing

Gravitee-backed certificate



About the course

The Gravitee event-native API Management Professional certificate program focuses on some more advanced API Management concepts, plus foundational knowledge around how to use Gravitee API Management. There is a certificate attached to passing the exam. Once you pass, you will be able to download that certificate.

Educational content

The ENAP certification program comes with an in-depth study guide to help anybody of any skill level learn the basics of Event-native API Management.

Prove your knowledge

The ENAP test is designed to test your knowledge and prove that you understand:
  • Advanced API concepts
  • Advanced API Management concepts
  • How to apply API Management best practices 
  • How to use Gravitee API Management to make APIs and event streams more consumable, secure, and resilient to failure

Bolster your career

The certificate is your proof that you’re truly the best of the best API and API Management professionals. A step above our Foundations program, this certificate shows coworkers, employers, and the larger community that you can be trusted to implement API Management best practices for enterprise synchronous API, streaming API, and asynchronous API use cases.

Preparation options

To make sure you're ready to take your exam, we offer the following preparation options:
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